Select from Shared or Private Linux Servers

Full Unrestricted Root Access
  • With a virtual private server, you get complete control. Your VPS is able to be customized in whatever ways you wish. You can install special software, configure your applications specifically for your needs, and do a myriad of other things not possible with a standard shared hosting account.
  • If you're not a Linux expert then a server control panel is the answer. cPanel/WHM is also available cPanel is the industry leader in server management software, and is used on all our shared ¬†servers. Due to memory requirements we recommend 512MB or more (VPS2 or better).
Choose Your Linux Distro
  • You want it, we got it. CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora. Run the Linux distro of your choice! Slackware can also be installed, please email us regarding your requirements.
Dedicated Resources
  • Dedicated CPU, RAM and disk. Don't share what is yours. Our automation systems ensure that you get what you pay for.
Enterprise Class Hardware
  • Our servers utilize high performance Dell hardware. All servers use fault tolerant RAID disk arrays, ECC RAM and quad-core Intel Xeon processors.
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